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Training Programs

Our Canadian based facility provide cell phone repair and other smartphone repair training level from basic to advance. If you are looking to start from scratch then please choose from level 1. and if you are already  in business please select all 3 levels. We do not provide too much information on our site, all done live demonstration when you speak to us. others using our content to promote their businesses. Please select the real training facility in Canada Kmaster Training.

 Cell phone Repair Training and Smartphone Master Certification Course.

Introduction to Cellular Technologies and Smartphone Electronics and wireless system

Introduction to Mobile Network Technologies, GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G, LTE Network concept and structure, ESN, IMEI and SIM relationship, theory and concept.
Architecture and Components of GSM Networks.
Basic information how smartphone works.
Smartphone transmission concepts – frequency bands, single and dual bands, network connectivity.
Introduction to basic electronics , A/C , D/C , Voltage , current and power.

Basic operation of network and and wireless technology
Identifying Electronics Components and Circuit Symbols.
Types of semiconductor (SMD) in Smartphones PCB.
Different electronic components working model , troubleshooting procedures – SMD Components basics, working conceps and troubleshooting procedures – SMD IC handling details
RF and IF Amplifiers and Filters.

Hands on Training for Smartphones

You will be working real time with phones such as iphone, samsung, blackberry and other android model and tablet. Our method of teaching no one out there can use its all live.


Smartphone Hands on and Hardware and Software Repair


This is where the you can learn all the hardware and software where You will going through iphones, samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola and other Chinese smart phones.

Cell Phone Unlocking Course

Every single phone unlocking and flashing We cover this area using many types of professional unlocking tools


Water Damage Repair Training

Full Course outline and more information can be found at Cell phone Repair Training Site

For more information please contact 1888 828 9848.








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